Aurinko system

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Aurinko system
Spectral type F5, M3
Age 5.6 Billion years (both stars)
Size 1.3 solar masses, 0.3 solar masses
Surface temperature 6580 K, 3083 K
Diameter 1.3 solar diameters, 0.3 solar diameters
Stars 2
Planets 3
Moons 45+
Cluster Krizael Expanse
Polities Ramusian Isolated Social Experiment Worlds

Aurinko is a binary FM pair located in a remote region of the Dhragolon Expanse. It is home to an experimental world where players were put in long term live action role-playing game. After many system failures, some players began to forget they were in a game at all.

Planets and features


Valkea is a close orbiting world with a hot, melting surface.


Bustean is a water cloud gas giant in the system's habitable zone. It has two large, terraformed moons named Varova and Cinakova.


Jatya is an icy terrestrial world just beyond the frost line. It is likely to have been a former moon of Bustean that was flung outward.

Stations, static warships and artificial structures

Black Mark Station

Black Mark Station is a prison in high orbit over Varova. The station is the holding place for banned players who broke the rules.

AI Hub

Visible in Varova's sky as a large metallic sphere, the AI Hub is the main server for the artificial intelligence that manages the resources on Varova. It also controls the nanobots meant to reenact magic for the players as well as a location where ships can ferry passengers between the moons of Bustean.


During the Krizael War, the jumpgates leading to this system were destroyed. Therefore, the system has become inaccessible from the Karalian warp lane network. The only means of travelling to Aurinko is to spend months within uncharted, wilderness space.