Zawar-Kan system

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Zawar-Kan is a protostar located in the Greenwater Nebula. It contains the remnants of an Omni ringworld particle accelerator that once produced ygsium. This particle accelerator is no longer functional, but scattered across the numerous asteroids orbiting the protostar are many mining colonies which extract the ygsium. Though on paper the Confederacy of Greenwater owns jurisdiction of the system, pirates have made it difficult to secure the area and as a result, most of the system has been declared a Dark Zone.

However, within this Dark Zone is a remarkable, yet very dubious attraction. The Zawar Casino - one of the largest casinos in the Greenwater Nebula. While gambling is illegal within Greenwater, the government has been unable to shut down the casino due to the pirates. Being in a Dark Zone, the Zawar Casino is run by a powerful mafia headed by Kaulini Zawar - a young Vaikan orphan girl who amassed power and influence through her genetically engineered intelligence. In spite of her appearance, Kaulini is one of the galaxy's most feared crime lords with her creative ways of punishing people such as tossing out an airlock or feeding them to her monstrous pet Snowball.

The casino hosts a variety of activities from regular gambling machines to VR games where one can bet one's own livelihoods. Many of the powerful Adrenaline Cartels are contracted to work with Kaulini to sell their products to customers. Even terrorist organizations such as the Altusian Brotherhood and Regicide have recruited outlaws here.

Currency is not the only thing that is bet within the casino. Many pirates in the area use the casino as a way to fence stolen goods. Valuable Omni relics, stolen starships are all traded here, often sorted out via card games or AI logic battles. Even Rusit Industries has been reported to participate, staking mining rights to entire planets as a means of growing their company.

Neither Karalian nor Greenwater law applies here, but the mafia does enforce its own version of the Code of Trust. Anyone believed to be cheating in the games can potentially be shot on sight no questions asked. They also enforce their belief that they are sovereign from Greenwater and will not acknowledge attempts to be arrested by the government.