Scintilla system

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Scintilla system
Spectral type K
Age 7.2 billion years
Size 1.1 solar masses
Planets 3
Moons 15
Cluster Greenwater Nebula
Galactic Arm South Arm
Polities None

Scintilla is a red giant star in the Greenwater Nebula approximately 30 lightyears from the Meruu system. It is more than 170 solar luminosities, despite being only slightly more massive. In the past, Scintilla most likely had more planets, but the most inner worlds likely got devoured when the star swelled up into a red giant.



A planet orbiting so close to its star, it is literally boiling away, leaving behind an impressive dust trail. Within the next few thousand years, Thanamort will have been consumed by Scintillia.


Main article: Vitam

Vitam is an orange gas giant with a faint ring system. It was mined for helium-3 during the era of the Allied Sovereign Nations but was abandoned after an infestation of the Sarlenian on one of the moons.

Vitam II

Main article: Vitam II

Vitam II was formerly a moon with a methane-based biosphere on the surface several billion years ago. However, since Scintilla turned into a red giant, most of its original atmosphere has faded away leaving behind toxic conditions on the surface. The caverns below, however, sustain an extremophile biosphere just above a subsurface ocean of liquid water.


An aquamarine ice giant planet that has a featureless surface. However, its moons are notable for having carvings created by an ancient space faring race. It is thought these carvings were created by either the Omni or another extinct predecessor species from millions of years ago.