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Star Scintilla
Type Gas giant
Satellites 15
Gravity N/A
Orbital distance 1.1 AU
Day length 7.3 hours
Year length 33 standard years
Diameter 110,132 km
Axial tilt 12.6°
Average 160 K
Minimum 150 K
Maximum 170 K
Composition 85% hydrogen, 9% helium, 3% methane, 2% ammonia, 1% other
Surface pressure 8.9 atm
Population 0
Imports None
Exports None

Vitam is a gas giant with fifteen moons found in the Scintilla system. First settled during the Fourth Age of the Vaikan, the planet itself was a helium-3 mine, but was abandoned a few years later due to Sarlenian infestations on the planet's largest moon. Interest to reinstate Vitam's establishments are low with the growth of the nearby settlements in the Meruu system.

Physical Characteristics

Vitam is a typical hydrogen-helium gas giant with a rocky core. Large amounts of methane and ammonia in the atmosphere have given the planet an orange hue.

Although it is within the habitable zone of Scintilla, due to the sheer volume of the star, it takes 33 standard years to complete one full orbital period. Vitam is also highly likely to become tidally locked as its parent star continues expanding over the next few thousand years. However, for the time, its moon Vitam II is reaping the benefits of having recently moved into the habitable zone.


Most of Vitam's moons have been gravitationally flung away by Scintilla's increase in volume. Most of the moons that did not get flung out of the system would get disintegrated into Vitam's Roche limit causing a faint ring system to form. Of the fifteen moons that survived, all but one proved too small to sustain sufficient resources.

Vitam II

Main article: Vitam II

Vitam II is a moon with many ammonia-water oceans. In the caves dwells a creature known as the Sarlenian, a tentacle like plant that wraps itself around its prey. The Sarlenian outbreak has left the whole system abandoned as Vitam II was the only area in the system that was worth mining.