Solboson system

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Solboson system

Solboson is a black hole system found in the Greenwater Nebula. It has at least thirty planets.

Planets and features

Solboson C

Main article: Solboson C

Solboson C is the second most important planet in Greenwater. It is the spiritual capital for the Greenwater Socialist Republic. The planet has native silicon-based life with thermosynthetic plants making it of great interest to the scientific community. Abundant mineral resources as well as warm, hospital underground caverns made it an ideal planet for colonization becoming an industrial superpower overnight. The planet offers many jobs to the poor, moreso as a means of keeping oneself occupied as opposed for the money.

The UESS attempted a peaceful transition to GSR control away from the Kingdom of Greenwater in an attempt to secure the area for their sphere of influence, but this may have driven the division of the sides of the war further.