Eye of Uszaroth system

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Eye of Uszaroth system
Spectral type M3
Age 241 million years
Size 36 solar masses
Surface temperature 3490 K
Diameter 2840 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 100+
Moons 0
Cluster Kani'Majoro
Galactic Arm South Arm
Polities Karalian Empire

The Eye of Uszaroth was the largest known star in the Crucible Galaxy. It was a hypergiant with a radius of 2,048,000,000 kilometers. As an aged, dying star, it was expected to explode into a magnificent hypernova sending gamma bursts nearby. The exact date of Eye of Uszaroth's destruction had been kept top secret by Karalian Empire officials as to not cause panic, so the evacuation procedures were not made public until a mere few years before the event happened. Worse yet, these events coincided with the Anathema Wars. While the Twin Hearts Nebula itself was relatively free of Anathema attacks, the imminent destruction of Eye of Uszaroth perhaps posed a much greater threat.

King Rustiagon Karrel intervened by manipulating Anathema into attempting to consume Eye of Uszaroth. Despite reducing the potential damage, the gamma ray bursts still damaged the ecosystems of many habitable planets in the area permanently. This forced approximately half of the citizens of the Karalian Empire to relocate to the Krizael Expanse.


The Eye of Uszaroth is named after the Mavetian Uszaroth, once thought to be a mythological figure, but now proven to be a tangible entity. The Eye of Uszaroth was named as such for its bright red appearance as if a demon were menacingly staring down on the mortal world.

Physical characteristics

The star is surrounded in an enormous circumstellar nebula simply known as Kani'Majoro. This was formed from the star's wild flares ejecting dust and debris out. Because this nebula is surrounded by warm, radiation filled gas, it is almost impossible to navigate. While minor planetoid bodies can be found within this nebula, very little of it has been explored.

While no significant planets have been discovered, more than 100 dwarf planets have been discovered orbiting at close ranges. This implies that some of the dust in the Kani'Majoro nebula has begun to coalesce.


Main article: Dimonroff

Around 5 AU from the star is a facility known as Dimonroff, a secret location used for research beyond galactic law. The remoteness of this star as well as its danger makes it almost impossible to find. Dimonroff engages in top secret military projects, but its primary purpose is to monitor the activity of Eye of Uszaroth in order to prepare for the inevitable supernova event.

Identified planetoids

Below are the largest, most notable planetoids.

  • SPK-423
  • K-726
  • AVP-426
  • ET-GC
  • XPR-626