Cenrodos system

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Cenrodos system
Spectral type G9
Age 2.2 billion years
Size 0.8 solar masses
Surface temperature 4984 K
Diameter 0.8 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 7
Moons 47+
Cluster Twin Hearts Nebula

Cenrodos is a class G star approximately 11 lightyears away from the Szon system. It is located in the Twin Hearts Nebula, a large cluster of young stars.



Diabs is a planet with seas of sulfuric acid that boil away during the planet's day and rain down at night. As a result, the planet has an atmosphere surprisingly enough for being so close to its star, but nonetheless, is dreadfully inhospitable.


Main article: Ardeneat

Ardeneat is a garden planet on the verge of becoming tidally locked. It rotates retrograde and has a very slow day-night cycle causing intense storms wherever the sun sets. The volatile climate creates regular seasons of both food abundance and scarcity as the plant's vegetation goes dormant to consistently to avoid getting ripped apart by the planet's storms. Ardeneat is home to the infamous Glukar.


Apsor is a large moon roughly 5,200 km in diameter. It has a thin atmosphere of krypton and xenon, and it only came into Ardeneat's orbit within the last 20 million years.


Gluros is a small terrestrial planet rich with palladium, giving it a silvery white appearance. It became the first extrasolar mining colony owned by the Karalian Empire. However, after several thousand years of mining, Gluros has long since been abandoned having since become a historical site.


Fruros is a brown dwarf roughly 25 jovian masses.


A large, orange gas giant about six jovian masses. It has 46 moons.


Illipid is an odd planet. Believed to have once been a moon of Skuros, an event at least 100 million years ago sent Illipid careening towards the edge of the system until it finally came into a stable orbit within a ring of asteroids. Illipid still has volcanic activity but is soon about to cool down.


Kolesta is an unusually large ice-covered planet about the size of an average moon.