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Star Aldenari
Type Greenhouse planet
Satellites None
Gravity 0.9 G
Orbital distance 7.0 AU
Day length 64.2 hours
Year length 8.8 standard days
Diameter 10,032 km
Axial tilt Zero
Average 500° F
Minimum 400° F
Maximum 600° F
Composition 95% carbon dioxide, 4% carbon monoxide 1% other gases
Surface pressure 93 atm
Population Unknown
Imports None
Exports None

Hogof is a world in the Aldenari system in the Twin Hearts Nebula. It is circumbinary to Aldenari A and B, binary twin stars which are a rare BF pair.

Physical characteristics

Hogof is a brutally inhospitable place to settle making it a poor terraforming candidate. With Aldenari A going supernova in 6 million years, Hogof is blasted with unbearable heat. On top of that, a greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide makes the atmospheric pressure heavy, trapping heat and preventing the world from varying more in temperature than it already does.

Like another planet in the system, Serenna, Hogof has intense volcanism. The surface has only recently cooled down, and its top layer crust is only 60,000 years old as a result of volcanoes having replaced it. Enormous tunnels have been created out of cooling calderas. As a result, abyssal pits dot the planet's surface.

Much of these caves are so deep that they connect to the planet's unstable mantle. With magma continuously pouring out, a natural light source for these caves is deep within.

One of the most striking features of these cave systems is the presence of oxygen in the lower crust area. Nowhere else on the planet is the gas found suggesting that it was imported there for an experiment by an extraterrestrial race. However, the air within this area is unbreathable to most species.


Hogof shows evidence of extraterrestrial interference. Planets with exotic ecosystems cannot form naturally around Class B stars, yet Hogof's deep caves are inhabited by a complex ecosystem of fleshy invertebrates. Metallic pods of Omni design show that these creatures were likely genetically engineered as part of one of the Omni's many experiments.

The Sphere Cave is an artificial cave created by the Omni. It is one kilometer in radius and hosts numerous ruins which suggest the area was a research facility. As a result, the site has attracted looters, and only a handful of salvaged material was recovered by Vaikan scientists.