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Star Szon
Type Gas giant
Satellites 50
Gravity N/A
Orbital distance 21 AU
Day length 9.7 hours
Year length 87.8 years
Diameter 55,823 km
Axial tilt 135°
Average 55 K
Minimum 51 K
Maximum 59 K
Composition 80% hydrogen, 12% helium, 7% nitrogen, 1% other
Surface pressure 7.7 atm
Population 4,235,934 (all moons)
Imports None
Exports Helium-3, Minerals

Erolaeus is a gas giant that appears purple due to high amounts of nitrogen in the upper atmosphere.

Physical characteristics

Erolaeus orbits outside the dust cloud that surrounds the Szon system. As a result, it captures many meteors and other interstellar objects. Enkladius catches most of what Erolaeus misses.

Erolaues has an unusual axial tilt of 135°. As a result, its ring system, while not vertical, is tilted in the complete opposite direction as the gas giant Heszton.


Erolaeus has numerous tiny moons, most of which are just tiny asteroids. Erolaeus was settled for its rich deposits of iridium as well as a readily available source of water-ice found in the moon Thaloss which will fall below Erolaeus' Roche limit within the next one million years. This gives it a landscape of erupting geysers quite similar to Ucharpli's moon Revlis'maan.


Erolaeus has many helium-3 mines orbiting the gas giant, while the main facilities were set up on Thaloss. The gas giant Heszton is often used for fueling the Szon system with helium-3 while Erolaeus is intended for exporting to other systems. As a result, Erolaeus is the largest producer of helium-3 in the Twin Hearts Nebula.