Raith system

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Raith system
Spectral type K4
Age 2.1 billion years
Size 0.7 solar masses
Surface temperature 4214 K
Diameter 0.7 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 10
Moons 81+
Cluster Twin Hearts Nebula
Polities Karalian Empire

Raith is a star in the Twin Hearts Nebula. The star has rather low metallicity and is still rather early in formation, but nonetheless evolved complex life forms.



Mnad is a red hot jovian gas giant whose atmosphere is slowly being stripped away.


Magmava is a terrestrial planet covered entirely in lava.


Main article: Angraus

With no gas giants beyond this planet, Angraus is a dreadful, yet hospitable place to live. Angraus constantly suffers from meteor impacts which drastically change the climate. The native life has evolved to adapt to such extreme climate shifts as a result. Angraus' enigmatic environment has also given rise to aggressive wildlife as well as the infamous Rirath.