Bikoiztu system

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Bikoiztu system
Spectral type Unknown
Age Unknown
Size Unknown
Surface temperature Unknown
Diameter Unknown
Stars 3
Planets 1
Moons 1
Cluster Krizael Expanse

Bikoiztu is a trinary star sytem in the Krizael Expanse. It consists of a primary star at the system's center of mass while the two outer stars orbit at 16.2 AU.



Erraldoi is a light blue gas giant with raging storms in its atmosphere. Clouds of water vapor surge with steam. Erraldoi is two jovian masses and bears a large ring system.


Main article: Uramund

Uramund is a world covered entirely in water save for the ice caps, and is home to the sapient, aquatic Garro. Tidal pulls from Erraldoi create oceans on the verge of boiling away. Hypercanes are a common sight creating constant rushing downpours paired with dangerous electrical storms. While inhospitable at the abyssal and equatorial levels, the ice-capped poles are at comfortable temperatures allowing for a varied ecosystem to exist.