Akalta system

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Akalta system
Spectral type G0
Age 7 billion years
Size 1.1 solar masses
Surface temperature 6030 K
Diameter 1.05 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 4
Moons 22
Cluster Krizael Expanse

Akalta is an aged class G star with four planets. It was home to the Utopia of the Tharadorn, an idealistic, yet corrupt faction. They met their ultimate demise at the hands of the Children of the Dhragolon. Thousands of years later, the area would be claimed by the Karalian Empire.

Planets and features


Tharas is a scorched, desert world whose atmosphere was blown away by solar flares. After the extinction of the Tharadorn, the Children of the Dhragolon fervently settled this world because the planet is made almost entirely of solid iron with almost no volcanic activity.


Zuronnas a super Earth planet that acquired a thick, pressure cooker atmosphere.  The planet also has a thin ring system due to a comet striking its moon.


Main article: Barnire

Barnire is a lush world 1.2 AU from its parent star. The planet is covered in 80% ocean and the high oxygen allows for its vegetation to grow to enormous sizes, reclaiming the land from a once polluted world due to over industrialization. The planet is dotted with abandoned skyscrapers overgrown with vines as well as craters from orbital bombardments.

The Utopia of the Tharadorn were an early spacefaring race native to this world. Several thousand years ago after a mega-industrial revolution, the Tharadorn had given up the use of machines on their homeworld in hopes of building a perfect utopia of peace, letting nature reclaim everything they had destroyed. They would constantly request resources from nearby empires including the Children of the Dhragolon. When the Children of the Dhragolon began to perceive the Tharadorn's demands as threats, they promptly went to war resulting in the latter's extinction.


Leth is a typical hydrogen helium gas giant. It has an unusually eccentric orbit consistently passing from the frost line close to the sun. Every 100,000 years, there is a 0.1% chance it will collide with Barnire.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structures