Aldenari system

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Aldenari system
Spectral type B8, F, M
Age 240 million years (Aldenari A)
Size 4.4 solar masses (Aldenari A)
Surface temperature 1211 K (Aldenari A)
Diameter 3 solar diameters (Aldenari A)
Stars 5
Planets 3
Moons 0
Cluster Twin Hearts Nebula
Galactic Arm South Arm
Polities Karalian Empire

Aldenari is a star system in the Twin Hearts Nebula. Seen from Ucharpli, it appears directly above the north pole allowing ancient Vaikan to navigate looking only at the sky.

While it appears as a single star from Ucharpli without the unaided eye, the system is actually quintenary. Aldenari A is the main star, a large, luminous Class B star. Aldenari B is a smaller sun-sized Class F star binary to A. In the middle of the system is Aldenari C, a red dwarf that barely matured enough to sustain hydrogen-helium fusion. At the edge of the system are two slightly larger red dwarves known as Aldenari D and E which are binary to each other.

The Aldenari system cannot support habitable life on the surface due to Aldenari's volatile UV radiation. However, it is of great scientific and cultural interest as the star itself has played a crucial role in the history of Vaikan navigation.

In another 6 million years, Aldenari A will go supernova.



Serenna is a planet covered entirely in lava along with intense volcanic activity. The gravitational resonance of Aldenari A and B is tearing the world apart.


Main article: Hogof

Hogof is a barren world on the surface and is considered a poor candidate for terraformation. Odd for Class B systems, the planet has an exotic ecosystem in the caverns below. It is circumbinary to Aldenari A and B.


Lanfyr is a small moon-sized planetoid that orbits Aldenari C, and it retains a trace atmosphere of krypton and xenon. The flares from Aldenari C make it difficult to mine.