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Star Szon system
Type Snowball moon
Primary Erolaeus
Gravity Unknown
Orbital distance Unknown
Day length Unknown
Year length Unknown
Diameter Unknown
Axial tilt Unknown
Average Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Composition Unknown
Surface pressure Unknown
Population 1,108,132
Imports None
Exports Helium-3, minerals

Thaloss is located in the Szon system. It is Erolaeus's largest moon.

Physical characteristics

Thaloss has a rocky outer crust. Below its surface is frozen water-ice followed by a solid iron core. As Thaloss will fall below Erolaeus's Roche limit within one million years, Thaloss has a vast landscape of erupting geysers which eject water vapor and snow into the air.

Thaloss has tiny microorganisms that live within the geysers which sustain themselves from the water and snow. In early Vaikan history, it jump-started research into alien extremophiles.


Thaloss, like Krar, consists of a city with interconnected corridors. Aqueducts channel water from below the surface, sustaining several large, domed farms which provide food and other renewable resources using imported soil from Ucharpli. The colony is self-sufficient and very prosperous.

However, Thaloss City is far smaller, having a population of just over one million. Thaloss's main attraction are its geyser fields set against the backdrop of a stunning view of Erolaeus.

Thaloss is also home to the main headquarters of the Special Division of Experimental Technology. While their presence is known, their exact activities remain classified.