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Star Cenrodos
Type Garden world
Satellites Apsor
Gravity 1.3 G
Orbital distance 0.9 AU
Day length 220 days
Year length 279 days
Diameter 14,034 km
Axial tilt 183°
Average 78° F
Minimum 2° F
Maximum 98° F
Composition 76% nitrogen, 19% oxygen, 4% argon, 1% other gases
Surface pressure 1.5 atm
Population 0

Ardeneat is an extremely volatile, yet habitable planet.


The planet's retrograde rotation causes the planet to have a very slow day-night cycle. As a result, wherever the sun sets, intense lightning and wind storms follow.


Ardeneat mostly consists of rocky terrain with a constantly shifting ecosystem of forests and plains. Once the storms subside, most of the vegetation disappears leaving only seeds. As a result, the climate becomes very arid with little food available. As the long day cycle progresses, the vegetation returns until the next storm cycle when it has to recede again.


The volatile climate creates regular seasons of both food abundance and scarcity as the plant's vegetation goes dormant to consistently to avoid getting ripped apart by the planet's storms.


Flora on Ardeneat is deciduous. During the storm season, they go inactive and focus on anchoring themselves. As a result, they've adapted to cycles of flooding and winds up to 100 miles per hour.


  • Glukar - A semi-sentient creature that resembles a small, herbivorous mammal, though during times of food shortage, it will transform into a hideous, predatory beast.


The Vaikan discovered this planet to be remarkable with its highly adaptable life forms. They initially began by collecting life forms for study taking particular interest in the Glukar, collecting a sample of twenty. Eventually, the Vaikan would bring them back to Ucharpli for study and put them in cryogenic stasis for the trip.

However, this was a terrible mistake. Some Glukar escaped into suburban areas and the Glukar began spreading like a plague on Ucharpli, devouring everything in sight even some Vaikan. Eventually, the creatures were quelled and Ardeneat was quarantined.

Later, the Vaikan discovered that the Eghos had captured some Glukar themselves and would later use them against the Vaikan in the Sinister Wars. Eventually, the Vaikan would force both the Eghos to extinction, and the Glukar would naturally die off when their ecosystem begun failing due to Eghos intervention.