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General information
Status Endangered
Native to Ardeneat
Diet Omniverous
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 10 years
Description Exploits a unique ecological niche

The Glukar are an alien species native to the planet Ardeneat. They were incorporated as members of the Sinister Hegemony.


A Glukar has two forms - Prey and Predator Form. The Prey Form is considered the default, seen as small pink fleshed creatures with proportionally large bodies, but six small, stubbed legs. Their mouths are capable of unhinging much like a snake allowing them to swallow objects as large as itself. Despite their animalistic nature, Glukar exhibit advanced forms of intelligence such as self-recognition and the ability to manipulate tools.

Glukar have a metabolism of anomalous proportions. In Prey Form, they must consume at least 25,000 calories per day in order to maintain their appearance. On the verge of starvation, from the back of its throat will emerge numerous snake-like appendages each with a set of jaws. Each jaw has five tongues each with another set of jaws. When feeding in its true form, a Glukar will use its appendages to rip its victim apart.

Ten days after birth, the Glukar will reproduce asexually via parthenogenesis. Newborns leave the parent through the mouth. Literally, a Glukar vomits out its offspring. And so long as there is an abundance of food, Glukar can reproduce at an alarming rate.

As Glukar cannot transform at will, they often become prey to other animals during times of food abundance, though they are able to easily replenish their numbers. During times of food shortage, they become the dominant predator of Ardeneat.