Sinister Hegemony

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The Sinister Hegemony are the first intelligent extraterrestrials discovered in Vaikan history.


The Sinister Hegemony was structured as a socialist dictatorship, forming on the basis of interdependence between different alien species. It was an attempt to create a perfect society.

All members of a particular alien race were assigned to a particular task. To achieve this, over numerous generations, eugenics and genetic modification molded virtually every member of a specific alien species to all have similar personalities, mental skills and physical abilities suited for their caste. As a result, conquered alien species became discouraged from leaving the Sinister Hegemony as they could not function as a society on their own.

They controlled at least 1,000 different star systems and lasted at least 500 years before internal collapse.



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The Eghos are the leaders and founders of the Sinister Hegemony. They positioned themselves to be the elite class.


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Due to their ability to shapeshift, Lusari are assigned to be pleasure slaves.


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Glukar are generally treated as feral monsters, often used for entertainment.


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Avarith were assigned to be the financial experts.


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Slothra were assigned to be indoctrination agents to ensure that a particular species abides by their caste.


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Rirath were designed to be the warrior caste, often used as fodder troops due to their rapid breeding cycle and adaptability.


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Malenven were designated as the scientist caste for their ability to develop technology at rapid rates.



The Sinister Hegemony's downfall was largely attributed to them not having enough time to completely assimilate the Vaikan. As the Drallan Federal Monarchy could still function independently, they were able to triumph after only removing a handful of aspects from the Sinister Hegemony's society.