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The Avarith were an alien species originally from the planet Welthar, known for its methane-based ecology, and they are a member of the Sinister Sinister Hegemony.


Avarith appear as relatively small, floating jellyfish-like creatures. The area just behind their brain supports a gasbag like structure. During respiration, methane is stored in these sacs allowing it to float though there are also pores on the side to release the methane into the air to prevent it from bursting. The low gravity and dense atmosphere make it possible for the Avarith to remain aloft for their entire life.

Avarith also has four limbs each with two fingers and an opposable thumb allowing it to handle tools. However, like most life on Welthar, Avarith have no eyes and instead rely on sonar for navigation. They have no true mouth, but in place have several, short tongue-like structure, each of which have a barb at the end to absorb nutrients from its prey. In order to breathe hydrogen, the analogue of oxygen on Welthar, Avarith have two air holes above its mouth.

Avarith also have four smaller air holes right above which serve as its form of communication. They exhale methane through these holes, then by controlling the shape of it, create a variety of sounds which can be formed into a discernable language. However, they cannot speak the languages of other aliens which instead have mouths and vocal cords.


The Avarith, during their primal times, were hunters. When they learned how to farm other creatures, they would often resort to cunning diplomacy to settle disputes.

However, Avarith lack the physical strength of most carbon-based species. Because of this, they compensated with cunning intellect. Overtime, they absorbed themselves in a massive monopoly known as the Avarith Trade Corporation which controlled all aspects of their culture and lifestyle.

Eventually, the Avarith were conquered by the Eghos and were used to manage their financial issues. The Eghos promised them hefty supplies of precious gems in exchange for using their superior persuasion skills against other races. The Avarith had given in to their own greed to become servants of the Sinister Hegemony.