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General information
Status Endangered
Native to Nerisuc
Diet Carnivorous
Symmetry Asymmetrical
Lifespan 10 years
Description Shape-shifting gelatinoids

The Lusari are an alien species of shapeshifters native to the planet Nerisuc in the Eros system. They were the first extraterrestrial race discovered by the Drallan Federal Monarchy.

Although Lusari appear to be animalistic, they are actually quite intelligent. Its quick reproductive process has allowed it to evolve extraordinarily in a short amount of time because of its ability to utilize the DNA of other carbon-based life forms.


In their true form, the Lusari appear as a large blob of fleshy organic matter. They are a collective mass of mutating cells and a single large brain capable of reading others' minds. A gelatinous substance, which serves as an epidermis, surrounds their organs coating them in a mucus-like substance. Because of the volatile nature of the creatures' DNA, they are able to shapeshift into anything they desire. The Lusari can generate any sort of organ to replicate the appearance of another species. Because of this, they can adapt to almost any environment.

The Lusari are monogendered and cannot reproduce among themselves. They must introduce new organic matter into their system to continue living which also means their mating process is the same as their feeding process. They must rely on other species, whether it be an animal or a sentient being, the latter of which are preferred.

The mating process will begin with the Lusari reading the mind of its prey, then proceeding to transform into the prey's most desirable mate. The Lusari will proceed to seduce its victim into becoming its mate, but instead of mating, the Lusari will devour its victim. To feed, the Lusari will dissolve its prey extracting nutrients then breaking down the rest of the body into raw organic compounds which it can later utilize for itself.

After enough nucleic acid is absorbed from a variety of creatures, the Lusari will proceed to begin replicating itself using a process similar to mitosis. It will use the energy stored in a protein sac on its body to duplicate its own DNA mixing it with preserved DNA from its victims to allow for genetic diversity. The two DNA copies move to opposite ends of the Lusari, then the creature will proceed to split itself in half.




The Lusari were the first species contacted by the Vaikan. It quickly resulted in disaster in an event known as the Nerisuc Incident. The Lusari were later conquered by the Sinister Hegemony and made a subject species. After the Sinister Hegemony collapsed, the Lusari eventually went extinct, but the Drallan Federal Monarchy preserved their DNA samples.

Thousands of years later, the DNA samples were used to create assassins known as Eros Ka'Rinah. They were used by the Allied Sovereign Nations as well as various space pirate groups to take out various targets. However, after the sterility plague, the Lusari went extinct for good as their main prey - the Vaikan - were no longer viable.