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The Rirath are an alien race part of the Sinister Hegemony. They are native to the planet Angraus.


The Rirath are pink, fleshy humanoids with similar skin composition as a flatworm though they also possess a basic skeletal structure consisting of hollow calcium bones. This makes them extremely flexible, more so than standard vertebrate creatures. Rirath have four eyes - two in front of their heads to allow for three-dimensional vision seen in most predators and two on the sides of their heads for expanded peripheral vision.

Angraus has an overabundance of predators, the Rirath are extremely adaptable but with a short life span of only 20 years. Despite this, they can reproduce at alarming rates - a Rirath becomes fully mature at only age five. Though the Glukar can reproduce even faster, the Rirath have the advantage of intelligence.


Surprisingly, the Rirath do have a culture, though they do not have any government. Instead, the Rirath divide themselves into clans. Their society revolves on survival - they are constantly struggling to survive Angraus's unforgiving environment. From birth, Rirath are trained to be warriors. Fist fights and duels were a common sight even among children. Receiving pain was actually a benefit for the Rirath as it made them tougher and more tolerable. Rirath clans frequently battle with one another to see who is the most fit to survive.


The Rirath lacked any sort of writing system so virtually nothing is known of their history. When they were conquered by the Eghos, their planet was completely ravaged, and the Rirath were forced to become either slaves or soldiers.