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The Slothra are a huge, lumbering mammal species from Borid. They are a member of the Sinister Hegemony.


Borid's gravity of 5G. Therefore, the Slothra have an extremely strong bone structure of iron and other metals. Their bone structure is similar to that of bears - while they can stand on their two legs, they prefer walking on all of their limbs. They have two small hind legs, yet four gigantic arms each with four claws about three inches long. Because of the high gravity, they move very slowly - sometimes not at all in an entire day - as simply falling over can be lethal. Its lower arms are used to support its weight, while its frontal arms are used for handling objects.

Slothra are omnivores. They have short pig-like snouts with both molars and canine teeth. However, their metabolism is slow and can go months without food or water - they have a large camel-like hump just behind their head to store fluids and amino acids.

To hunt, the Slothra breathes out a strange powder that when inhaled by other species, they become intoxicated. While the effects are not lethal, the victim becomes extremely unmotivated and apathetic. On top of that, the victim's emotions slip away along with any concerns they might have. The effects continue until the victim appears as a lazy, soulless husk of their former self.

The Eghos have created some genetic variants of the Slothra where if one gets intoxicated, rather than becoming completely unmotivated, victims become mindless slaves that do not question the actions of their masters. A victim could be told to jump off a cliff, and they would do it.