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The Malenven are an insectoid species from the planet Khovet and were once a member of the now defunct Sinister Hegemony.


Malenven appear as 0.5 m tall insects that stand on four legs and use two arms for handling objects. At the end of its arms are two opposable claws - both have the dexterity of a thumb in more humanoid creatures. Like many insects, they have a hard exoskeleton.

Malenven have eight black eyes and they communicate with one another through a series of clicks. Their language is quite complex using many conjugations and sentence enhancers that are not present in many other languages.

Their brains are fairly large for an insect and is contained with a fragile sac extending from the back of their head. Often this is considered their weakspot, though its large size makes it remarkably intelligent. Because of this, they have an innate desire to be unsatisfied with nearly anything they have. This natural instinct has allowed them to develop their technology at an incredible rate. One millennium before their discovery, the Malenven had created a writing system - by the time the Vaikan made first contact, the Malenven were adding the final touches to their first nuclear missile.

Because their brain is constantly active, their life span is only a mere 30 years, but that is not the only drawback. The Malenven are inclined to be violent and will often steal from one another because of their envious nature.


When they were conquered by the Eghos, the Malenven became indentured workers and were forced to invent new technologies for the Sinister Hegemony. During the Second Sinister War, the Malenven were told to genetically engineer an unstoppable monster known as Odium that could destroy the Vaikan in one swift blow. The development of Odium cost the Malenven steep funds - they had sold virtually all of their technology and even then, they ran out of money and had to use the Eghos's banks to fund the project. All the other Sinister Hegemony members had either been destroyed or had no money themselves.

After the completion of Odium, the creature was tested on Khovet as punishment to the Malenven for not living up to the Eghos's unrealistic expectations. Khovet was ravaged and its atmosphere became unbreathable, the Malenven had gone extinct. Odium persisted until well after the Second Sinister War when it was later imprisoned by the Vaikan.