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Star Szon
Type Desert moon
Primary Ucharpli
Gravity 0.2 G
Orbital distance 1.5 AU
Day length 35.2 days
Year length 35.2 days
Diameter 3,001 kilometers
Axial tilt Zero
Average -20°C
Minimum -100°C
Maximum 70°C
Composition 95% carbon dioxide, 3% nitrogen, 1% argon, 1% other
Surface pressure 0.7 atm
Population 50,732
Imports Helium-3
Exports Minerals

Revlis'maan ("torture place" in Yallvus Talk) is the smaller moon of Ucharpli. Revlis'maan's environment is unsuitable for life save for microbes that live in large colonies within the soil. Revlis'maan is also commonly referred to as the red moon, while Der'maan is known as the silver moon.

In ancient Vaikan mythology, it was believed that seeing Revlis'maan alone in the sky with Der'maan not visible will result in bad luck.


Revlis'maan is much smaller in comparison to Ucharpli's other moon, Der'maan. The planet has a solid iron core, and its silicate rock surface has oxidized turning an orange color. Its unusually dense core allows it to sustain a trace atmosphere of xenon. The energetic star Szon causes mild weather patterns such as dust storms of mineral limonite which gives the sky a tannish, red tint.

Revlis'maan also has many impact craters forming large plains and deserts.


Today, Revlis'maan is a defense outpost. A military base was set up on the moon's surface to help defend Ucharpli in the event of an attack. Those whose job is to maintain Ucharpli's orbital defense grid are stationed either here or on Der'maan.


Revlis'maan is a barren world. Since the Vaikan achieved interstellar travel, it is no longer a major mining world, but Revlis'maan was a major source of iron and iridium during the early space exploration age.