Dulor system

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Dulor system
Spectral type Pulsar
Age 4 billion years
Size Unknown
Surface temperature Unknown
Diameter N/A
Stars 1
Planets 4
Moons 8
Cluster Twin Hearts Nebula
Polities Karalian Empire

Dulor is a pulsar in the Twin Hearts Nebula. It is famous for the Andomar Cold War. It is currently claimed by the Karalian Empire. While its planets are not habitable, it is an extremely valuable system.

Dulor is also notable for being the first system detected to have planets outside the Szon system. As a result, it holds economic, scientific and historical value. Three of Dulor's planets formed from an accretion disk that appeared after Dulor exploded into a supernova 4 billion years ago. The planet Kendagos is notable for being around much longer.



Main article: Andomar

Andomar is a resource rich superterran world with a graphite surface and a kilometer thick layer of diamond. This was the first world of its kind to be charted and explored. Naturally, claims over this world resulted in a cold war between the various countries in the KE.


Pahzik is a rocky small terrestrial world. While the presence of gas giants is usually a criterion for the settlement of a system, Pahzik's deuterium deposits deep below the surface make up for it. As a result, the Dulor system is self-sufficient.


Kendagos is a superterran planet which unusually has water-ice on the poles. Cholorofluorocarbons have been discovered in trace amounts, and a complex network of artificial tunnels was discovered from geological surveys. This indicates the planet was terraformed at some point, though today, it remains barren. Surveys indicate that the planet has been around since Dulor originally went supernova, and miraculously survived likely due to some sort of extraterrestrial intervention.  It most likely migrated outward from its position in the past, being flung from the star's former habitable area, eventually coming into stable orbit at its current location.


Sbarn is a rocky planet with a spectacular ring system with eight smaller moons. It has mostly been ignored when it comes to mining but remains a historical landmark for being the lowest mass exoplanet discovered before the invention of FTL travel.