Kyutha system

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Kyutha system
Spectral type F7
Age 6 billion years
Size 1.2 solar masses
Surface temperature 6310 K
Diameter 1.2 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 2
Moons 90+
Cluster Globular Cluster Z
Polities Karalian Empire

Kyutha is an F class star. It was the location for the first major battle of Phase I in the Buyuk Wars.



Main article: Odalegnoc

Odalegnoc is an icy world only habitable at the equator. It is home to a variety of different mammalian life forms such as the Gamna. Odalegnoc was a research outpost for the Karalian Empire after the discovery of numerous relics relating to the Buyuk Civil War. Colonization plans were postponed indefinitely after Buyuk aggression in the area began.


Purkrari is a purple gas giant rich in resources.

Purkrari II

Main article: Purkrari II

Purkrari II is rocky moon approximately 5,300 km in diameter. It was the target for a terraforming experiment by the Karalian as a means of creating an environment that was resistant to the Galactic Core's radiation by using samples from Odalegnoc. The experiment was never completed, but non-native lichenous growths can be found on the moon's surface.