Garnor system

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Garnor system
Spectral type M3
Age 3.2 billion years
Size 0.3 solar masses
Surface temperature 3083 K
Diameter 0.3 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 4
Moons Unknown
Cluster Krizael Expanse
Polities Karalian Empire

Garnor is a red dwarf star located in the Krizael Expanse. It has four planets.

Planets and features


Thusra is a close orbiting planet with an unusually large iron core. The Karalian Empire created several mining settlements which export deuterium and other goods to the Jar system.


Main article: Bokarth

Bokarth was believed to be the former homeworld of the Galasuron Imperium, a single-minded species spread across 9 star systems. Bokarth, while once habitable in the past, is covered in soot and smog which have created a virtually irreparable greenhouse effect that will soon convert the planet into a Venusian hothouse.


Tenosak is a small, ice-covered terrestrial planet that was believed to have migrated outward due to a large impact in the past.


Oglamesh is a jovian gas giant. An ancient impact knocked on its side, so it tilts at more than a 90 degree angle.

Stations, static warships, and artificial structures