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Star Aurinko
Type Gas giant
Satellites 45
Gravity N/A
Orbital distance Unknown
Day length 10.6 hours
Year length Unknown
Diameter 154,635 km
Axial tilt 5.3°
Average 150 K
Minimum 145 K
Maximum 155 K
Composition 85% hydrogen, 14% helium, 1% other
Surface pressure 2.1 atm
Population 4 billion (all moons)
Imports none
Exports none

Bustean is a gas giant in the Aurinko system. It was colonized by the Ramusian Socialist Republic to serve as the setting for the Ramusian Isolated Social Experiment Worlds (RISEW).

Blue in color, Bustean contains traces of water vapor in its atmosphere. The gas giant also has a ring system and forty-five moons; the two largest ones were terraformed into worlds habitable for the Vaikan.


The two largest moons of Bustean are the chief locations for the fictional setting the role-players of the RISEW participate in.


Main article: Varova

Varova is a verdant world in a post-ice age setting, most similar to the world of Ner'Ackarra. Intended to be a live action role playing setting based off of a medieval fantasy, Varova has numerous settlements modeled after pre-industrial Ucharpli, and it is home to a genetically engineered ecosystem of bizarre creatures designed to resemble mythical beasts. The city of Brinum is considered the hub where most players start their adventure.


Main article: Cinakova

Cinakova is a world deliberately designed to be in anarchy, and thus, food was intended to be scarce. The moon's geography consists of deserts and volcanic plains with large ice caps at the poles. In Cinakova, crimes such as murder and theft are legal. Not only are criminals on death row sent here, but players from Varova have the option visit this location to earn experience by killing the criminals.