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Star Bikoiztu system
Type Ocean moon
Primary Erraldoi
Gravity Unknown
Orbital distance Unknown
Day length Unknown
Year length Unknown
Diameter Unknown
Axial tilt Unknown
Average Unknown
Minimum Unknown
Maximum Unknown
Composition Unknown
Surface pressure Unknown
Population Unknown
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown

Uramund is a moon orbiting the gas giant Erraldoi in the Bikoiztu system.


Due to its thick atmosphere, Uramund sustains constant rainfall all throughout the planet and constant snowfall at the ice caps.


Uramund is a world covered entirely in water save for the ice caps, and is home to the sapient, aquatic Garro. Tidal pulls from Erraldoi create oceans on the verge of boiling away. Hypercanes are a common sight creating constant rushing downpours paired with dangerous electrical storms. While inhospitable at the abyssal and equatorial levels, the ice-capped poles are at comfortable temperatures allowing for a varied ecosystem to exist.


Most life exists at the higher levels of the ocean as well as the ice caps. The dominant life form are furry, arthropod analogues.


The planet is dreadfully inhospitable to the vaikan so embassies have not been established on the moon's surface. Instead, diplomatic encounters are managed through orbital space stations.