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The Garro are a sapient, aquatic race native to a water world Uramund in the Bikoiztu system. The planet has temperatures nearing the boiling point, though most of Garro civilization is near the ice caps.


Garro are ten-limbed aquatic creatures with cephalopod and crustacean characteristics. On their underside are several flat pods which serve as their means for travelling on land. On land, they stand at one meter high. When counting the natural rest of position of their limbs, they stand at 2.5 meters.

A Garro's arms are jointed and chitinous. Their lower arms serve for dragging themselves across the ground, while their upper arms serve as flexible limbs to allow for manipulating objects as well as for swimming. The ends of their arms consist of three flexible tentacle-like fingers capable of coiling around objects.

Garro also possess two large eyes which serve as their means of sight. However, they also possess a beak-like mouth which can also generate high frequency waves.

Garro can survive on land just as easily as they can in the ocean as they possess both gills and lungs. However, they cannot survive without bathing themselves in water for more than three days or else their exoskeleton will harden, trapping them within themselves until they starve to death. Therefore, if one sees a Garro, there will almost always be a body of water nearby even on starships.


The Garro's largest governing body is the Uramund Royal Alliance. Garro society is matriarchal with the most powerful females becoming the queen who lays 1,000 eggs every year.


Garro language consists of a mix of sonar and clicking. Communication is difficult with most other species, though conventional translators remove this barrier.


The Garro are a fairly young species - when first discovered, they barely had a grasp on stone tools. During the early Fourth Age of the Vaikan, the Galasuron set to conquer the Children of the Dhragolon. When they were losing the battle, the Galasuron uplifted the Garro, providing them with the technology to assist them. Eventually, the Children of the Dhragolon participated as well, going into an arms race to provide Garro factions with their own technology. Eventually, the Galasuron were defeated, and the Garro were uplifted to a spacefaring species.

Most Garro stayed on their homeworld as they were not given adequate time to explore and study their own planet. Others opted to live in reservation colonies set up by the Children of the Dhragolon, and some went rogue, exploring the galaxy.

Today, the planet Krar contains the second highest population of Garro right after Uramund.

Notable Garro