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Himmel is a planet in the Brisa system. It is a water cloud gas giant with a large ring system and over 100 moons. It is one of the Karalian Empire's most important capital planets. It quickly grew in power and influence when hundreds of intact mining facilities built by the Allied Sovereign Nations were discovered making the restarting of inhabitation easy.

Tal-Himmel is a floating station within the atmosphere situated in the calm bans. Considered one of the great wonders of the Vaikan, it was built more than 1,000 years ago.


Himmel was first settled by the Allied Sovereign Nations. The rare habitable band in Himmel’s atmosphere made it a sight to behold, and it soon became a major tourist destination. The city of Tal Himmel began construction using strip mined minerals from the nearby moons while the city floats with quantum levitation.

The city expanded in size over the years. More and more districts were added and with building codes getting lax, many new areas were not built to safety regulations.

When the sterility plague reached Himmel, mass hysteria led to the rise of terrorist organizations. Drussiray fanatics who saw the Vaikan as cursed bombed one of the major financial districts. The fallout from the bomb had more effects than anticipated. The explosion damaged the quantum levitation reactors below which caused the city to tilt over due to lack of balance. As the financial district began to break off, its weight threatened to rupture the levitators in the rest of the city.

In order to save the city, charges were detonated to destroy the couplings that connected the financial district to the rest of it. The entire financial district plummeted to the planet’s core which resulted in the loss of many resources including deuterium cells, food stores and other goods that would keep the rest of the city functional. As the city could no longer sustain itself from the damage, a mass exodus from the area took place. Those that did not leave the system took on rural lifestyles in underground lichen farms on the moons.