Galasuron Imperium

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Galasuron Imperium
Unknown File:3by2white.svg
Capital Unknown
Government Socialist Imperium
Prime minister
 -  Establishment Unknown
 -  Disestablishment Unknown
 -  Peak est. 300 billion 

The Galasuron Imperium was a faction that once inhabited the Krizael Expanse. They were a powerful foe in the past, until they were eliminated during a crusade by the Children of the Dhragolon.

Galasuron were genetic creations by a previous, extinct civilization that once lived in the Krizael Expanse. They were designed to be a literal race of warriors - every single Galasuron was engineered to be exactly alike. In order to make this strange society possible, the precursors to the Galasuron created a series of self-reliant computer systems that did all of the tasks that a Galasuron could not do themself, everything from teaching to ship upgrades.

Inhabitant physiology

Physically, Galasuron are armless bipeds with a radial, toothed mouth, and they interact with objects by channeling electrical currents through their feet. Because of this, they had to rely solely on operating ships and vehicles rather than fighting on foot.


The Galasuron government was a one-world order under the control of a single imperial reign. Because every Galasuron thought exactly alike, they were quick to make decisions as if they were being controlled by one person - when in reality, they were not. There was no emperor, but rather, the leader was the empire itself.

The Galasuron also had no concept of currency. Every Galasuron was obligated to serve and provide for their peers.


The planet Bokarth is assumed to be the Galasuron homeworld as that was where the largest population of the species was located. Surprisingly enough, there is almost no evidence to support this as the amount of cities on the planet could not support a population of more than one billion. There were other former Galasuron colonies that came very close to this amount.


The Galasuron Imperium had only one culture, which revolved entirely around conquest. They were designed so that war was the only thing they knew how to do, treating it no differently than they would a religion.


The Galasuron Imperium got itself tangled into the Parsayan War, an ongoing conflict between the Ramusian Socialist Republic and the Children of the Dhragolon. The Galasuron could not resist the urge for war. Surprisingly enough, they succeeded in bringing down the Ramusian Socialist Republic, one of the most drastic shifts in Vaikan culture.

Ultimately, the Galasuron did not have the strength to take on the Children of the Dhragolon who made every effort to exterminate them. According to historians, the CD chose to commit genocide to put the artificially designed Galasuron out of their misery.