Ruit system

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Ruit system
Spectral type Pulsar
Age 4 billion years
Size Unknown
Surface temperature Unknown
Diameter N/A
Stars 1
Planets 2
Moons 46
Cluster Greenwater Nebula
Galactic Arm South Arm
Polities Rusit Industries

Ruit is a pulsar in the Greenwater Nebula located 43 lightyears away from the Meruu system.



Main article: Tallus

Like the planet Andomar, Tallus is a superterran world with a graphite surface and a kilometer thick layer of diamond. The entire planet was claimed by Rusit Industries and serves as their headquarters. Tallus is an enormous estate built over decades of successful mining and trading.


Vuld is a gas giant that serves as a convenient source of helium-3 for Tallus. Other mining companies share some of the helium-3, but Tallus is exclusively for the SAMC. Vuld also contains supercritical hydrocarbon giving it a light brown tint; this hydrocarbon is also an alternate source of fuel for export. Vuld is claimed by several mining companies though SAMC remains the largest corporation in the nearby vicinity. Vuld has forty-six moons as well as a thin ring system, and like Tallus, it is believed to have formed shortly after Ruit transformed into a pulsar.