Meruu system

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Meruu system
Spectral type M3, M3
Age 5.7 billion years (both stars)
Size 0.3 solar masses, 0.3 solar masses
Surface temperature 3083 K, 3123 K
Diameter 0.3 solar diameters, 0.3 solar diameters
Stars 2
Planets 5
Moons 50
Cluster Greenwater Nebula
Polities Confederacy of Greenwater, Karalian Empire

Meruu is a binary red dwarf system found in the Greenwater Nebula. Two planets orbit Meruu A, three planets orbit Meruu B and a brown dwarf orbits both stars. The system also has a large comet with a highly irregular orbit.

Planets that orbit Meruu A


Main article: Darothon

A Hot Jupiter gas giant.


A moon of Darothon. Combined with being close to its parent star as well as being tugged upon by the gravitational pull of Darothon, Kaldera is wrecked with vulcanism.


Main article: Sulantis

A barren, rocky small terrestrial planet with 0.7 G. Sulantis has small mining settlements but has become a quite backcountry in the shadow of the highly urbanized Krar.

Planets that orbit Meruu B


Main article: Sindun

Sindun is a super-Earth planet made of iron. It has a runaway greenhouse effect. With high pressure and unbearable temperature, Sindun is a poor candidate for colonization.


Main article: Krar

A boom town colony that has since become a major interspecies capital for the Galactic Senate. As a result, many goods are imported the Meruu system to sustain it. Krar is highly urbanized, though the crime rate is high in the Underworld. The planet itself has rich deposits of iron.


Main article: Tirissin

Tirissin is a gas dwarf at a mere 10G. Thick with hydrogen and helium, the planet is an excellent source of helium-3.

Masses that orbit both stars


Main article: Doliath

A brown dwarf about 24 jovian masses. It is a major source of lithium, often used for trading to other empires.

Beacon of Reckoning

Beacon of Reckoning is a comet that was named by the Palasarian Holy Empire.