Greenwater Nebula

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The Greenwater Nebula is a region of space located in the South Arm in the area near the galactic core.


The Greenwater Nebula is roughly 13,000 light-years in diameter. When Vaikan astronomers first discovered it, false color images made it look like a verdant green lake, hence the name "Greenwater".

Habitable worlds are extremely scarce in the nebula. The proximity of the Galactic Core makes the radiation of the area much too high to sustain most carbon-based life forms.

Much of the Greenwater Nebula was former territory to the Confederacy of Greenwater before being taken over by gangs and petty dictatorships. The crime rate is a major problem, and piracy is extremely common. Interstellar space in the region is designated as galactic wilderness - those travelling within it are not subject to government protection or bound by any laws.



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Meruu is considered the central star of the Greenwater Nebula for its urban population although it is not in the direct center of the nebula. Meruu is a binary red dwarf system notably containing the capital planet of Krar.


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Telossia is a brown dwarf 5 light-years from Meruu. It has a single planet in the system.


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Scintilla is a red giant star 30 light-years from Meruu.


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Ruit is a pulsar 43 light-years from Meruu.


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Koss is a pulsar 1,200 light-years from Meruu. It was once the home to the Palasarian Holy Empire.


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