Garden of the Celestials

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The Garden of the Celestials is a nebula in the South Arm of the Crucible Galaxy.



Main article: Maua system

Maua is a protoplanetary disc. A particularly large asteroid known as 57 Disglair serves as an outpost for the Roving Flotilla.


Main article: Binguni system

Binguni is a blue giant star, one of the brightest stars in the nebula. An ancient star ship known as Afterlife orbits it, sitting dormant and holding the preserved consciousnesses of billions of Ch'chptk.


Main article: Roho system

Roho is an eclipsing binary star. Each star takes only three days to orbit one another.


Main article: Drysor system

Drysor is a Class B main sequence star.


Main article: Rhuddem system

Rhuddem is a red giant star in the final stages of its life span.