Whetu-Nui Satellite Galaxy

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The Whetu-Nui Satellite Galaxy is located 400,000 lightyears from the center of the Crucible Galaxy. The galaxy is unique in that most of its native life forms are cybernetic or synthetic in nature. Nanobot seeds were planted on various planets by long forgotten civilizations to simulate organic life forming a synthetic, yet naturally occurring ecosystem. These machine life forms eventually developed the means to travel between solar systems, leading to a great diversity in how these life forms appear.

The Whetu-Nui Satellite Galaxy is also the home galaxy of the Tangata, sentient megastructures that sustain themselves by harvesting planets and stars for energy. The Tangata are considered the largest of these life forms as well as the apex predators of this galactic level ecosystem.

In the distant past, Whetu-Nui was rich with star clusters, and the waste left behind by derelict Tangata helped to give rise to more stars. However, the Anathema attacks removed a large portion of the natural cycle of energy which forced many groups of bionics to migrate and seek refuge in the nearby Crucible Galaxy, bringing the Tangata with them.