Roszon system

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Roszon system
Spectral type M1
Age 5.8 Billion years
Size 0.4 solar masses
Surface temperature 3332 K
Diameter 0.5 solar diameters
Stars 1
Planets 6
Moons 21
Cluster Twin Hearts Nebula
Polities Karalian Empire

Roszon is a red dwarf system and a major capital area of the Karalian Empire. It was chosen for its ideal resource pool, and has since exploded in population, turning into a major capital system.



An extrasolar captured planet believed to have been once been a larger planet. Due to its close proximity, its atmosphere has been entirely stripped away leaving a rocky metallic core. While minerals such as iron and even Dragonrock were discovered here, mining has been relatively difficult on Kathonia because the planet is almost constantly pelted with radiation blasts from Roszon.


A primordial terrestrial planet with almost no atmosphere, but a large ring system. It is home to an unusual form of carbon-based life that fall under the category of extremophiles, creatures that can survive in extreme environments such as intense radiation or even the vacuum of space. The plant-life consists of lichens, and the largest life form is the Eletar beetle, a small burrowing creature. While life on Keldaran is not very diverse, the fact that such creatures can survive here is astonishing. It is believed that the creatures of this world originated via panspermia - meteors impacted the planet's surface releasing organic molecules.


Garhoth is a blue gas dwarf approximately 120,000 km in diameter. It has an atmosphere composed of helium and provides the system a source of helium-3. The planet has one moon Ner'Ackarra which has two smaller moons, Burwof and Shunketsu.


Main article: Ner'Ackarra

Ner'Ackarra is a large moon. Because Garhoth is found at the far edge of the habitable zone, Ner'Ackarra's climate tends to be very cool. While most of the planet consists of frozen wastes, the equator is filled with many grasslands and forests.

Ner'Ackarra has historically served as a capital world for many Vaikan civilizations such as the Drallan Federal Monarchy, the People's Republic of Motina and the Karalian Empire.


A gas dwarf planet much like Garhoth. It has yellow bands of clouds due to an abundance of sulfur.


Verukree is a planet which oddly enough has no core. It is 60,000 kilometers in diameter, but has a lower than average density. It has four moons: Hadolin, Thrafas, Teruna and Vanolin. Verukree itself has relatively little value, but its moons are exploited for their resources.


A dwarf planet found within the system's surrounding dust cloud. It is a rich source of iridium.

Stations, static warships and other structures


The most populated settlement in the Roszon system and a major capital of the Karalian Empire. It is connected to Ner'Ackarra via space elevator, and it is armed to the teeth with arrays of Houfnice cannons. Bastion was originally a military base constructed to defend against planetary attacks by the Altusian Brotherhood, but the population soon exploded as more and more funding was put into it.

1st Spaceborne Division HQ

A large military space station in orbit of Burwof.

Irin Border Checkpoint

A small station near the jumpgate gravitationally anchored to Irin. It was originally a civilian science outpost to study Drallan technology but was later purchased by the Karalian Legion.