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Star Szon system
Type Gas giant
Satellites 23
Gravity 1.1 G
Orbital distance 32 AU
Day length 6.9 hours
Year length 165 standard years
Diameter 50,943 km
Axial tilt 20.2°
Average 72 K
Minimum 65 K
Maximum 80 K
Composition 80% hydrogen, 18% helium, 1% methane, 1% other
Surface pressure 6.5 atm
Population 10,834,674 (all moons)
Imports Imported goods for the Szon system
Exports Helium-3, Ships

Voordyrr is a Neptune-sized gas giant often used as a gateway between the Szon system and the rest of interstellar space. It serves as a common place to discharge a drive core as Lykodyrr is usually too remote based on the timing of planetary revolutions.

Physical characteristics

Voordyrr is a typical ice giant. It has a deep aquamarine hue to it as well as several bands of clouds. The planet has a strong magnetic field making it an ideal location to perform a drive core dump for large ships.

Just beyond the orbit of Voordyrr is the Great Cloud, a vast field of dust and debris filled with many dwarf planets. This cloud surrounds the entire system.


Voordyrr has a very thing ring system of tiny asteroids and several irregular shaped moons. Enough materials have been extracted from these moons to create a self-sufficient settlement.


Voordyrr is considered a gateway planet, a gas giant in the outer edges of the solar system which can serve as one last fueling stop before going on an extended journey through interstellar space. Local laws require ships heading to any of Ucharpli's inner planets to pass through Voordyrr as a checkpoint. The dust and gases from the Twin Hearts Nebula interfere with sensors and the orbit of Voordyrr has managed to clear a thin path in the outer edges of the system. As a result, Voordyrr is the most populated planet in the Szon system next to Ucharpli.

Ships that do not pass through Voordyrr when entering the Szon system will be approached with extreme caution by Mobile Space Stations which patrol the spherical region of the system.

Voordyrr Docks

Voordyrr Docks is a series of 6 kilometer long stations. Sixteen jumpships can be docked at each of these stations at one time. From there, vessels smaller than jumpships are required for travel as local laws forbid ships larger than 450 meters from entering the system except in the event of an invasion.

The only allowed entry point is through a jumpgate with a radius of 300 meters. Several turrets surround this gate which are programmed to fire upon any ship that doesn't go through the gate. All ships that pass through this gate are recorded in the local census database.

Surrounding Voordyrr Docks is a vast shipyard created from the mined-out moons. The vast majority of the Vaikan starships are produced here.