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Feurcy is a realm on Ucharpli, considered to be the most whimsical of them all with the most unique geography and life forms.


The realm of Feurcy is quite diverse in climate and very different from the rest of Ucharpli. The central area of the realm is dotted with forests of giant mushrooms, and trees seem to give off an ethereal shimmer. It was a major source of Vaikan folklore such as the mythical pixies and sprites. Some Vaikan describe this area as surreal. Stories of enchanted forests passed down throughout the ages.

The southern borders of this realm the Yolpika Mountains. A chain of volcanoes covering the nearby area in permanent ash clouds resulting in an ecosystem known as the Fire Plains. In spite of its appearance as a burning wasteland, it is home to a diverse ecosystem of thermosynthetic species adapted to the extreme heat.

Also, near the Yolpika Mountains is the Vampire Lands. The sky in this region is almost always covered in volcanic ash making it eternally dark though it is distant enough from the core volcanic activity so that temperatures are much milder. The name of this area itself comes from the major outbreak of blood craving disease that occurred here.

The northern border meets the Polar Oceans, a region known as Frostwater Hills. Although mostly frozen, it is the site of the largest waterfall on Ucharpli, known as Frostwater Falls dropping 400 feet.


  • Ivic - An old city with many artificial waterfalls.
  • Balmera - A city divided by a river.
  • Kozavania - A city with brutalist architecture. During the infamous vampire disease outbreak, most of the vampiric Vaikan gathered here.
  • Vankarva - Originally a Spasonite settlement, the city has grown to become a sprawling hi-tech metropolis which contrasts the rest of the realm.
  • Thardunin - The capital of Feurcy. It holds the Thardunin Academy of Maj which is open to anyone.
  • Metkara - A small village that witnessed an anomalous meteor strike. While little is known of the actual event, local folklore tells of evil, ravenous spirits emerging from the meteor crash site. The meteor itself became known as the Tear of Uszaroth.


Native Feurcy culture was based around the formal, practical use of Maj, the ancient term for the Vaikan's bioelectricity. While all Vaikan inherently had Maj, the Feurcians mastered it for use in many purposes beyond simple electric shocks. They are led by a tribe of mystics which are the most experienced of Maj users. In huge contrast to the rest of the Vaikan, the people of Feurcy are quite peaceful seeking to better their own abilities. Of course, there has always been the occasional civil war.

When the people of Yallvus arrived, their culture was looked down upon as witchcraft and they were forced from much of their land. Since the end of the Third Age however, they have since come out of hiding and play an active role in developing technology in collaboration with the Spasonites.


The native government is a technocracy but differs from Spason in the fact that their society is based more on biologically derived technology. Feurcy is led by a tribe of mystics.


The Feurcians and Islerfians engaged in many conflicts. The Islerfians believed that the Feurcians were practicing forms of withcraft. One known incident is the Majite Trials where many suspected Majites were executed - the majority of them not being Majite at all. Of course, the two provinces are on good terms today, but held a bitter rivalry in the past.

During the early-mid Third Age, a conflict would break out among the Feurcians themselves. A town had been plagued with a disease that made a Vaikan thirst for blood. These bloodthirsty Vaikan would attack their victims at night or in the dark only, resulting in their skin turning a sickly, pale white. The plague spread several miles beyond the village where it broke out resulting in a war known as the "Blood Wars".