Vampire Lands

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The Vampire Lands were a region on Ucharpli located in the realm of Feurcy. It was situated northeast from the Yolpika Mountains close to the border of Islerfia. Because of this, there was always a grey ash cloud above the area blocking sunlight.


The terrain was very rocky with little vegetation, though there did exist some fertile areas. Most of the landscape was dotted by dead trees and grey boulders. One famous landmark was the Rock Bridge, a natural bridge-like structure that extends beyond a cliff. At the very end of the bridge was the city of Kozavania, a stronghold where vampires, or Vaikan infected with the blood craver virus, lived.


The society of Kozavania was so different from the rest of Feurcy that it was considered its own country despite consisting of only a few square miles. The government followed a hierarchy with different social classes with a Vampire Lord reigning over.

The inhabitants were those infected with the blood craver virus. Before the development of Crimson Juice, the Kozavanians would regularly go on hunts to capture Vaikan civilians to farm them for blood.

New vampires were forbidden from being created within the city of Kozavania unless the population was below a reasonable level. The reason was that victims of the blood craver virus had extended life spans, far longer than a normal Vaikan which would make overpopulation a serious issue if not controlled. When the city was first founded, it was not uncommon for vampires to resort to cannibalism if there were blood shortages.


During the Third Age when the Vaikan were skirmishing to colonize the continent of Kytayur, a deadly virus was discovered that turned Vaikan into blood thirsty monsters. A single bite from an infected Vaikan would also infect the victim causing the virus to spread like a plague.

The infectants of this virus could only terrorize the rest of the land at night which greatly disadvantaged them. Vaikan colonists managed to drive them to a region known as the Vampire Lands where the sunlight was always blocked. From there, the infected Vaikan built their own city.

After countless years of war, a blood substitute was developed. Since then, the infected Vaikan, who renamed themselves vampires, became more of a civilization. However, the taste of Vaikan blood was always better, but the Vampire Lords were satiated enough with the Crimson Juice.

Upon the First Sinister War, the Eghos invaded Ucharpli and massacred any deviant Vaikan whom they deemed to either be imperfect or a potential threat. The blood craver virus was wiped out and the remaining vampires were killed. Kozavania remained as an empty reminder of the Eghos' brutality. Nonetheless, even thousands of years later, the folklore of vampires among the Vaikan had some truth to it.