Abyssal Ocean

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The Abyssal Ocean is the deepest ocean on Ucharpli.




  • Yolsark - An aquatic crustacean about the size of a Vaikan. It is a highly intelligent, territorial predator that can click its large claws at the speed of a bullet to fire underwater sonic waves used to paralyze its prey. The creature can even survive on outside water for several days. When it attempts to use its sonic wave attack on land, a jet of fire comes out making it just as dangerous on land especially if it is provoked.
  • Wharion - A large herbivorous creature that feeds on plankton. It is a mammal, and must surface for air twice every day, but can only do so during the night.
  • Leviath - An enormous, vaguely humanoid creature with two arms each with three fingers. Leviath also have ten tentacles to allow for easy maneuverability. It spends most of its life sleeping on the ocean floor, but when it needs to feed, it will rise to the surface to feed on Wharion. However, it will often mistake ships for Wharion.