Ocean of Thought

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The Ocean of Thought is an ocean south of Kytayur on Ucharpli.

Points of interest

Darothon Tower

Darothon Tower is an ancient tower rising above the Ocean of Thought while no coastlines are in sight. It was constructed by an ancient civilization that once lived in the plains covered by seas today. According to legend, upon hearing a prophecy that the world would be destroyed by water, the Darothonians built a tower to rise high above Ucharpli. They sought salvation against the rising tides. However, the flood waters never receded and the Darothians who lived in the tower slowly died out due to the lack of resources. The tower itself is remarkable to strong and still stands to this day despite the lower floors being flooded by the ocean.

Saskana Crater

The crash site for the Saskana meteor during the Second Age of the Vaikan is located deep on the ocean floor. This meteor alone is thought to be responsible for the flooding of the area.