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Spason is a realm in Ucharpli notable for having developed most of the technology that the Vaikan used throughout the Third Age and early Fourth Age.


The realm of Spason itself is a technocracy being ruled by a High Technologist along with the Council of Engineers. The people that hold these jobs are chosen meritocratically where they are selected based on their abilities.

In the Karalian Empire, Spason often provides technology as part of trade in exchange for cultural items from other realms and colonies.

Surrounding geography

Spason mostly consists of the northern areas of the continent of Kyartula on Ucharpli. It mostly consists of grasslands and forests while the far north tends to be more mountainous. Sporting a more temperature, cooler climate, this area is generally colder than its neighbor Yallvus to the south.

Its southwestern border consists of a mountain range which holds the legendary Krayhan's Eyrie - one of the tallest mountains in the world, while the southeastern border is made up a canyon named Szatariv.

Beyond the northern border is an archipelago known as Crystal Isles which spreads across all of the north pole. Also at the northern border is the mountain known as Aldapika where Spason's capital is situated. The River Meltwater flows through the city and branches off - one to the Abyssal Ocean and the other to Szatariv Canyon.


Forever Engine

A large dam-like structure considered a crowning achievement of Vaikan technology on par with Yallvus' Kazel-Hal. It is built into the side of the mountain Aldapika where a river of meltwater (aptly named Meltwater River) flows down. This dam powers the entire capital city of Spason, Steam City.

The Forever Engine was designed to last 5,000 years completely unmanned and unmaintained. To top it all off, its outer walls are made of materials strong enough to protect from any sort of radiation effectively making it an underground shelter in case of a nuclear war or other catastrophic event.

During the Sinister Wars, the Forever Engine was a major holdout for the Vaikan to stage a rebellion. Queen Gelda had gathered most of her followers here.

Thousands of years later at the dawn of the Fifth Age, when Rustiagon Karalius rediscovered ancient ruins throughout the planet, the Forever Engine, while in heavy disarray, was miraculously still running, far longer than previously anticipated. The Forever Engine would finally shut down for good during the Eye of Uszaroth supernova which blasted the planet with gamma ray bursts.


  • Steam City- The capital of Spason and the single most technologically advanced location on Ucharpli. The whole city is powered by the Forever Engine which channels electricity as well as water through aqueducts. The city also extends a good portion underground splitting the city into upper and lower levels.
  • Tekka - A major city.
  • Subdoron - An underground city powered by lava.


Spason is known to have spearheaded much of the technology of the Vaikan during the Third Age of the Vaikan. As such, technological advancement is considered important to their culture.

Spasonite fashion revolves around the incorporation of gear patterns and steam technology.


When it comes to technology, the Spasonites were far ahead of other Vaikan during the Third Era. Today, Spasonites have developed many technologies for the rest of the Vaikan.

The mechanical golem appeared sometime during the mid-late Third Age and was often used as a primary form of defense against invading nations. The AI was not very powerful however as the golem could only perform basic tasks.

The Spasonites were also the first to invent mechanical clocks, computers as well as space probes.


Although the Spasonites themselves would have wars of their own, it would not be long until they were taken over by Altus Banya, the overlord of Yallvus. Despite having superior technology, the Spasonites still could not hold their own against the Yallvusians who used superior warfare tactics against them. Eventually, they were conquered, and they surrendered a lot of their technology over to the Yallvusians.

After the Yallvus Revolution, Spason has since been restored to its technocracy and has since played an integral part in the Vaikan's advancement into space.