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Lacad is a realm on Ucharpli in northwestern Kyartula.


The geography of Lacad is varied - the realm extends from the northern coast to about one hundred miles above the equator. It ranges from tundras in the north, grasslands and forests in the middle and deserts to the south. In this realm is also the famous Mt. Tarara where Nolara was said to have landed during the Great Flood of Ucharpli.


St. Zaren Cathedral

The single largest cathedral in all of Ucharpli. Its interiors are the largest of any Jamzezist church and it dominates the landscape of the capital city of Krizen. A giant, intricate statue of Krayhan lies inside.

Below the cathedral is a massive underground labyrinth. However, it is completely off limits to even high authoritative figures such as the Grand Priest and the king. No one has entered the labyrinth since its construction, so it is not known what lies below.

Since the cathedral was constructed countless millennia ago, many myths and legends have been passed down. Some believe that it has become the lair of monsters - at the end is a colossal automaton spider made of stone and other metal parts - a technological anomaly of unknown origins. These monsters guard what is believed to be a sacred artifact of unknown power.

This sacred artifact is known as the Temporal Fountain, an ancient pool that is rumored to allow someone to gaze into the future. Xenoarchaeologists believe it to be constructed by the Omni, and it has similar properties to the prophecies of Antocula. Most of the foretold prophecies have come to pass as the Temporal Fountain was created tens of thousands of years ago.

Ancient Krizen Coliseum

A massive coliseum dating back to the early Second Age. It was used for many things in the past - executions, exotic animal fights and gladiator tournaments. Today, it is often used for friendly duels and deaths are not involved.


  • Krizen- Krizen is often called the holy city. It is frequently visited by Vaikan all over the world. It is situated near the River Breti making it an ideal location as a trading city.
  • Epulo - A city.

Government and Religion

The government is a theocracy led by a Grand Priest. The local religion follows the Nolarist variation of Jamzezism which tends to portray Krayhan as an almighty deity. It contrasts the original version from Yallvus but nonetheless, it is still around today.

Pagan Lacad

Before modern day Lacad converted to Jamzezism, they had a religion well known for its folk tales and myths. The planets of the Szon system are named after figures from this religion.

  • Szon - The guardian god who takes the form of the sun. He patrols the sky, watching all of the creatures of the world while smiting the wicked with his rays of light.
  • Yolkor - Known as the Fire Lord, Yolkor was a blacksmith for the sun god. He also had control over the fire spirits.
  • Zarenutha - The goddess of agriculture and fertility
  • Heszton - The father of Enkladius, he was at one point the ruler of the cosmos. When he refused to give up his throne to his son, he was assassinated.
  • Enkladius - The god-king that attempted to take over the pantheon. He had more than 100 wives, but his last wife Amath assassinated him to become the queen.
  • Moon sisters - The moon sisters, Der and Revlis, were the bringers of good and bad luck respectively.


Lacad is one of the oldest civilizations on Ucharpli. Even though Yallvus was the most populated, Lacad was quick to catch up. After Nolara's arrival, the Vaikan had spread out and created their own village separating themselves.

About 200 years later, two twin orphans, Krizael and Krizus, were raised by a Panthos and sought a new land to begin a civilization. They argued what they would name the soon-to-be city which would end in bloodshed. Krizael ended up killing Krizus and founding what would eventually become a sprawling city and would extend to cover the land it does today.

The Lacadians were an aggressive nation of conquerors much like the neighboring nation of Yallvus to the south. The Lacadians wanted to secure their power in northwest Kyartula and defeated all who stood in their way. They were led by a dictator named Jallas Kaszar.

Kaszar's lust for power grew to unfathomable proportions, and it was not long until others began talk of assassination. Upon Kaszar's death, Lacad would become a republic.