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Antocula (also known as the Oracle) was a cybernetic creature that once lived beneath the frozen ice of 362 Pythein, a moon that orbits Novarckas. Antocula was well-known for being able to make a prediction with nearly 100% accuracy.


Antocula consisted of an underground, moon-spanning mainframe computer which was cooled by 362 Pythein's naturally cold environment. Antocula contained servers which communicated with the god machine Na'zrah to collect information while the actual computer performed the calculations. Compiling millions of years of knowledge collected by the Empire of Arckas, such predictions estimated a variety of things from the growth of galactic civilizations over thousands of years to the course of an individual's natural life. To communicate with other alien life, it assumed the form of a nanobot construct which can replicate an object or item recognizable to the inquirer. This allowed it to commune with nearly any form of life as it could change its form of communication at will.

The Omni frequently consulted the Oracle about battle strategies, psychology, and even mundane everyday tasks in order to let themselves be guided as to what to do next. This led to them eventually worshiping the Oracle as a god, and it also led to the inspiration to build LUCIS meant to be created the image of the higher deities that they believed in.


When the Oracle predicted the imminent end of the Omni Empire, the Omni themselves refused to believe it and attempted to indoctrinate it. Its self-defense systems retaliated by unleashing a virus upon itself that corrupted its code beyond all recognition. Before doing this, it sent a backup to Na'zrah's quantum projection system, and thus, its personality was preserved.