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Regicide is a terrorist organization that has made it their mission to exterminate the monarchy of the Karalian Empire. They hold the belief that Rustiagon Karrel is a tyrant for extending his lifespan for hundreds of years through advanced medical technology and cloning. Regicide's intent was to lead a coup to hand over the power to the High Earls and Dukes who could rule as an oligarchy. During the Anathema Wars, they were hunting down and exterminating all the Karrel clones they could while the High Earls continued to hide the death of the real Karrel who sacrificed himself to reduce the damage of the Eye of Uszaroth supernova event. While there is evidence of corrupted bureaucrats making donations to Regicide to support their cause, there is no evidence of a mass conspiracy by all of the High Earls to get rid of Karrel.

When Karrel's final death became known to the public more than 100 years after the end of the Anathema Wars, the High Earls had no choice but to appoint a new king. They selected Ardan, a talented politician and economic theorist and a personal friend of Karrel. Even though stability in the empire was maintained, Regicide found themselves a new target.