Rustiagon Karrel

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Rustiagon Karrel
Species Vaikan
Height 6'3"/1.91 meters
Weight 175 lb/79.4 kg

King Rustiagon Karrel was the longest reigning king of the Karalian Empire.


Known best for being a rebel, King Rustiagon Karrel is a highly lenient, non-conformist which was considered highly unusual for a Karalian king. Nonetheless, he became very popular among younger Vaikan, but was not met with good reception by adults early in his reign.

The death of his father at the hands of the Buyuk Empire has also made him somewhat prejudice against them. This fueled his insatiable drive to participate in all of the major battles of the second phase of the Buyuk Wars.


King Rustiagon Karrel has a best friend named Ardan. Karrel also had a daughter named Rustiagon Salla who ruled as a princess in Jaran.


Karrel was born during the Buyuk Wars while the Karalian Empire had signed an armistice with them. By that time, he had heard about the Ankodega Incident and what the Buyuk were potentially capable of. At an early age, he was enthusiastic about war and wished to follow the footsteps of his father who was also considered a rebel - his father had often trespassed on Buyuk territory to chart out future colonies going as far as the singularity at the center of the galaxy.

Participation in the Buyuk Wars

With Karrel undergoing preparations, his father Reckar took him on vacation to Globular Cluster Z to learn about the Buyuk Empire up close. Along with the colony of Raycaon, they visited the moon called Purkrari II which was a planned colony in the early stages of terraformation - an experiment to create a world that could withstand the Galactic Core's radiation. The vacation was cut short when a squadron of Buyuk ambushed them, beginning the Ambush at Kyutha. His father was killed in the attack, but Karrel managed to get on an escape pod which landed on the nearby planet Odalegnoc. From there, he collaborated with other stranded researchers to set up a distress beacon.

Despite the death of Reckar, the Karalian Council did not officially go to war against Karrel's wishes. Seeking to avenge his father, he studied intensively to officially become the new king and successor.

Karrel was finally authorized to take lethal force upon the destruction of the colony of Morta, a Buyuk attack that left 3 million dead. He led a defensive force to protect the colony of Raycaon from meeting the same fate.

Karrel would later assist in other major battles of the Buyuk Wars.

Karrel prolonged his life through the use of advanced cloning technology and the use of body doubles.


Karrel died by getting vaporized by the Eye of Uszaroth supernova. While the primary Karrel was gone, his body doubles still exist. However, Ardan took over his reign once the death of the real Karrel became public knowledge.