Ambush at Kyutha

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The Ambush at Kyutha is considered the first event to begin the Buyuk Wars on the Karalian front.


The Kyutha system is known in the history of the Karalian Empire as the true starting point of the Buyuk Wars from their front. In the years following King Rustiagon Reckar's theft of the Omni terraforming device from the Buyuk, he immediately became known as a wanted criminal in the Buyuk Empire. Reckar was considered highly unorthodox for a king, often acting more on the instincts of a rogue or a pirate than a nobleman. He frequently traveled across the galaxy on his own, unaccompanied, practically doing whatever activities he pleased. His erratic actions would eventually lead to his own demise.

Reckar intended to travel to the Kyutha system to demonstrate to his young son Karrel how the terraforming device worked. Kyutha, although not inhabited by the Buyuk and well outside their territory, was still close in terms of the border of Karalian territory. While Karrel was dazzled by his time seeing the terraforming device at work, the Buyuk ambushed Reckar and his son. The Buyuk immediately made demands for Reckar to return the device, but instead, he attempted to flee the star system. However, he was unable to escape. Reckar saved his son by sending him on an escape pod with the terraforming device to the nearby frozen world of Odalegnoc, while Reckar self-destructed his ship to take out the Buyuk fleet and provide cover to allow his son to escape.

Karrel, with the terraforming device still intact, survived on the planet for three weeks alone before managing to set up an emergency distress signal for someone to pick him up. During that time, both Reckar and Karrel were presumed dead throwing the empire into a state of uneasiness. By the time Karrel was rescued, he immediately expedited the process to make himself king so that he could declare war on the Buyuk to avenge the death of his father. And along with that, he legalized genetic engineering to allow one to extend their life. Karrel wished that no Vaikan should ever endure the grief of death, and thus, made himself long-lived and unable to die of old age. From here, he managed to rule the Karalian Empire for hundreds of years, far longer than any previous monarch. In retrospect, this one event as well as Karrel's decision to allow Vaikan to extend their life spans forever changed the outlook of Karalian culture and eventually, their rapid advancement of technology.