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General information
Status Thriving
Native to Unknown
Asylum (adopted)
Diet NoneGreen scales
Symmetry Bilateral
Lifespan 10 years
Description Methane-based physiology

The Kklxin are an ancient species originating from the Gehenna Galaxy galaxy. With advanced cloning technology, the Kklxin's population from a single solar system, greatly expanded to several thousand star systems in the span of several decades due to some of the preserved technology left behind.

Most Kklxin are members of the Kklxin Hegemony. Prior to the destruction of the Gehenna Galaxy, they were originally created by the Mavetians as a form of amusement bred to fight one another as well as to study how artificial life forms interact with natural ecosystems. The Kklxin would often war with the Ch'chptk. Since then, the Kklxin fled the galaxy surviving the intense gamma radiation while the Mavetians hid in Brunikor.


Given the artificial qualities of the Kklxin's DNA, it is not likely that their appearance is actually what they looked like when they first achieved sapience.

Kklxin are implanted with GPS trackers so that the AI avatar can monitor their activities. Kklxin themselves communicate with one another through sonar.

Kklxin are massive, burly creatures with green skin. They have two short legs, and massive burly arms with two large, spined humps on their shoulders. They also have hooves allowing one to gallop and speeds of 60 miles per hour.

Kklxin are capable of standing on two legs, but the weight distribution of most of their muscle mass being in their arms making them largely quadrupedal.

Kklxin are completely sterile, lacking reproductive parts. While technically having no gender, Kklxin display qualities analogous to a male of a species including a deep voice and broad shoulders. Their only means of reproducing are through cloning.

While Kklxin are sapient, the rank and file clone is engineered to have a brutish personality, having similar intelligence as a preschooler. They have minimum cognitive skills, preferring to instead focus on brute strength. However, Autocrat Kklxin are much more cunning and intelligent. They tend to be smaller in size with more of their energy reserves directed to their brains.

Kklxin do not have mouths, but they do not need to eat. They are born with two large humps on their shoulders which contain energy reserves. The larger the humps, the younger the Kklxin. These energy reserves last ten years, and then the Kklxin expires. However, most Kklxin are killed in battle before this happens.