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Necros is a god machine known for his power to control dead organic matter through nanobots and EM waves. He once resided on the planet Necropolis located in the Koylegan system. Followers of Necros are known as the Boneyard Necromancers.


Necros' can project himself in the shape of a giant-winged humanoid skeleton standing over fifty feet tall whose structure is comprised of the bones of thousands of different creatures. He carries a relic known as the Scythe of Undeath which can summon a projection of the serpent Frostscyll, an ancient creature whose severed head that orbits Koylegan at its far edge.

Across his territory, Necros contains heat sinks designed for absorbing massive quantities of heat. With a single touch, his avatar can drain the heat from various structures, including living beings. As such, myths describe him as draining the life force from victims. During the Heat Death Crisis, Necros waged war, absorbing heat wherever he could to ensure he had enough for his own domain.